Call Center Services Outsourcing

Whether you are considering operating your call center or looking to contract an outsourcing service, you should start by considering the types of services available.

Call center services are one of the tools that companies use to provide clients with a support system. The main forms of call centers include inbound or outbound.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, inbound call center outsourcing solutions are becoming more common and strategic. When working with Unit Center, you are collaborating with our experts to alleviate the inbound calls for your team. This is the perfect choice for your business to expand in other departments since you will be saving money on training and labor.  Our inbound call center team may also take sales orders or serve as an internal help desk for businesses.

Working with Unit Center these are some of the benefits:

  • Handle large call volumes
  • Focus on core business
  • Less costs, maintenance
  • Continuous support customers
  • Scaled up business

Despite the rapid technological changes, outbound calls remain a crucial way for businesses to proactively interact with prospects or support their customers. Do you want to sell a new product and the first think that comes to your mind is outbound call center services? That can be a good choice – outbound call centers services are an efficient way to win customers. We provide training, facilities, technologies, and operational expertise to create exceptional customer experiences across all touch-points.


  • Long-term sales increase
  • Strengthening and reducing costs
  • Experts
  • Full cost control
  • Easy scalability

Scale Up Your Business by Getting an Outsourced Call Center Service in Albania

Here are five ways that Unit Center can help grow your business:

1.Gain and Retain Customers – We provide a consummate customer experience.

2.Save Costs – Our outsourced call center services are less expensive than an in-house operation.

3.Guarantee e a Professional Reputation – Our team of experts know how to conduct proper customer service.

4.Improve Efficiency – Our call center services have advanced technology and efficiency measures, which allow you to deal more effectively with customers and increase sales.


Office space, equipment, and human capital are all investments. When you partner with Unit Center, you allocate your capital to the most important priorities, knowing that you have a trusted partner in your call center needs.


Our Solutions

“Without a customer, there’s no business.”


Businesses of all size do their best to provide a great customer experience and service. Setting up chat support doesn’t mean you need to give up quality or hire more agents to keep up, you can easily outsource the service to have a great customer care. Live chat is more efficient and scalable than other support channels.

“We deliver scalable outsourcing financial services.”


In today’s world of finance, staying one step ahead of the game can be the difference between success and failure. While operating your enterprise, small business or multinational company comes with its set of challenges and rewards. We work to provide outsourcing finance services that will protect your business and set you up for great success.

“Quality over Quantity”


Optimizing your strategy through incorporating innovative sales techniques guarantees you appointments for less than the cost of one full-time employee. We successfully generate appointments that are backed up by high-quality reporting and KPI’s along with regular feedback. Lots of our clients have benefited through our sales appointment setting services.

“Support your in-house team with back office outsourcing services.”


Ready to grow your back-office? Outsource your support roles to Unit Center and scale up your business and team. To make your back office support impeccable, we are here to offer a variety of back office solutions including transaction processing & management services. We bring in your company technology-driven work processes to keep up with the trends of the business world.

“Enhance employee Experience.”


Our Human Resource Outsourcing services focus on integrated consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions that are flexible and adaptable to your business and the industry.

We can operate as your entire HR Department, or we can just manage certain essential elements of you already established HR structure to improve administrative, operational, or strategic HR capacity.

“We Empower Your Marketing.”


Outsourcing digital marketing services offshore is a smart scalable solution that provides businesses with access to highly qualified and skilled employees, for less cost. We partner with clients to assist their in-house marketing department or serve as their full-service outsourced marketing department.

“We are a one-stop destination for almost any kind of data entry.”


All good business decisions are data driven decisions.

Data is big and smart, but collecting it and putting it to good use for your business may prove to be too overwhelming for your staff with a reliable partner at your side, you can run your business and let someone else handle the monotonous and time-consuming data entry duties.

“Processed raw data into refined data.”


With rising staff salaries, overheads and infrastructural burdens, outsourcing your data processing needs to Albania might just be the solution that you are after.

With our services we equip the business with the ability to manage, organize and use their data without any struggle.

“Deliverable IT business processes, applications, and infrastructure solutions.”


Your company should not focus on tasks for which it doesn’t have the necessary in-house skills, resources or experience to successfully deliver. With a skilled external team, your project will last shorter and cost less. Outsourcing is the new era of today’s business, especially in IT services.

And trust us – you will see a whole new approach!

“Let us be your VIRTUAL outsourcing solution.”


Our virtual assistants’ professional services offered to entrepreneurs or businesses various from digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events. We are willing to provide outsourcing virtual assistance tailored to your needs and requirements. We value the importance of this service, since it is directly related to your online presence.

“Is your IT SYSTEM truly strategic and safe?”


Website design, network configuration and management, security, technical and desktop support, application development, telecommunications, and infrastructure, by outsourcing these specific services, your business can lower costs including labor and benefits afforded to full-time employees, while leveraging IT outsourcing experts for planning and support.

“Start building better customer experiences.”


From chat to self-service and contact avoidance to chatbots and AI, there are a lot of ways to improve the digital experience for your customers. Customers want more powerful digital self-service options, and that helps your businesses too. Trust Unit Center to guide u through the whole process.

Let us talk about your business outsourcing needs.

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